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andrew davis

Guitarist - them dirty roses

As the guitarist for one of Nashville's hottest new bands, Andrew Davis stands out as a well round player that loves what he does.  Born and raised in the Bama clay, this guitarist is as southern as they come. Taught how to bend a string and break a heart by Skynyrd and Hank, Andrew rocks with a country and southern flare. 

Andrew Davis Interview with  Jimmy Warren

January Guitar Talk  gear spotlight

As a guitarist I have always been passionate about  tone.  In my collection of over 300 pedals,  my pursuit as largely been focused on Overdrive pedals.  As someone who love the "D" sound (Dumble), I have massed a collection of just about every "D" style pedal imaginable.   My search was completed the day I took the risk and spent the money to acquire my first Ethos OD.  A dual channel preamp OD that is customizable to fit a players need.  Extras such as 3 band EQ, High Cut, FX Loop and speaker out.  

Created by Robbie Hall the owner of Custom Tones Inc.  To those familiar with Robbie they know, how intensely he studied several actual Dumble amps and they know, is engineering background has help he make what I would claim is the best "D" style overdrive pedal on the market.    JW

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