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Sunday march 10th, 2024- 11am TO 3PM

Kankakee County Fairgrounds, Kankakee, Il    $10 Admission

Kankakee County Fairgrounds Expo Center  16,000 Sqft

How It Works 

1. Select the Tables You Want

2. Make Sure To Give Tables Numbers on Your Vendor Agreement                                             (without we can not guarantee the tables you select.)

3. Pay for Tables via Paypal

4. Turn in Your Vendor Agreement to

Purchase Space Today!

1 Table  $130.00

3 Tables  $390

2 Table  $260.00

Buy 3 Tables Get The 4th  FREE

There are NO Early Buyers Passes

Illinois Guitar & Gear Expo visitors

Burke Guitars

Burke Guitars

Howard Irving

Newman Guitars

Go Pedalboards

Greenville Pickups

Dayton Vintage

Cusack Music

Schara Marketing

Leo's Gear

Steve Scorfina

Armando Bertachi

Guitar Talk With Jimmy Warren / Meet & Greets

Clinic Stage


Sloan Amplifiers

Jimmy Stienfeldt

ED Michalec

Vine Cables

Steve Rehfeldt

Matt Wheeler

Jeff Sieth

Kevin Wright

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