The BlueBear is a low-to-medium gain overdrive pedal. It implements its filter and clipping circuits in separate gain stages, that places it in the "Blues Breaker" category of overdrive pedals. The unique bass recovery stage and bass/treble EQ with boost and cut, give the BlueBear a fullness, clarity, and tonal flexibility not commonly found in pedals in its category. The wide span gain control can be adjusted from completely clean, a slight twinkle, or up to full transparent overdrive. The design of the filter, bass recovery, and EQ stages result in an overdrive that is crisp, shiny, and retains the original character of the guitar, even at higher gain settings. Manufacture includes high-end op-amps and film capacitors for clear, crisp audio.

The Jared James Nichols “Gold Glory” Les Paul Custom is the newest signature model by the rising star from Les Paul’s hometown. Nichols says, "I've always been drawn to the sound of the Les Paul™ Junior and the feel of a Les Paul Custom. Since there wasn't a model like that available, I modified my own Les Paul Custom. After playing the first lick on this guitar, it was so gratifying and humbling, I was so inspired to play and share my music with the world." Jared James Nichols’ “Gold Glory” features a classic 1955-style Les Paul Custom body with a single Seymour Duncan® P-90 pickup, an ebony fingerboard with traditional block inlays, Grover® Rotomatic® tuners, and EpiLite™ case.

As the name suggests, the Walrus Audio Ages Five-State Overdrive offers five clipping options for five flavors of drive – allowing you to run it as a clean boost or as a fire-breather of heavy, saturated gain.

The Ages is so incredibly tweakable. Its EQ is very well tuned, with plenty of travel on those dials. There's even a wet/dry mix knob for blending in overdriven/clean textures. It'll do the job of several overdrives and comes in a regular Walrus Audio enclosure, so it won't bogart pedalboard space.

Just feed this mammoth 9V of DC power and watch it go.

Golden Reverberator

Three distinct tube‑driven spring reverb tanks, painstakingly selected from 1960s American guitar amps.  Vintage German studio plate reverbs, modeled from the iconic Record Plant studio.  Exact bit‑for‑bit late‑1970's digital reverb algorithms from classic studio hardware

Starlight Echo Station

Stunning emulation of iconic tape echo units, with New, Medium, and Old tape types.  Legendary bucket-brigade analog delay effects with the color, texture, and haze of the original hardware. Pristine studio digital delays with flexible and inspiring modulation

Astra Modulation Machine

Impeccably modeled classic 1970s Japanese bucket-brigade chorus/vibrato effects.  Authentic studio flanger/doubler effects from vintage analog rack unit.  Classic, inspiring tube amp tremolo with sine and square modes

Epiphone is proud to present the debut Epiphone signature model designed by Heart co-founder and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member Nancy Wilson. Featuring a mahogany body with a figured maple veneer top, the Nighthawk™ body shape was first introduced in 1993 and is compact and comfortable. The Epiphone Nancy Wilson Fanatic comes equipped with ProBucker™ humbuckers, a 5-way pickup selector switch for a wide variety of tonal options, master volume and tone controls, a fast-playing rounded C profile mahogany neck with an ebony fretboard, and features an attractive Fireburst Gloss finish. Includes hardshell case.

After building amps for over 15 years for a wide variety of professional and non-professional musicians the CYN-1 represents the best of everything I had learned during that time period. This amp was designed to showcase the most important aspects of the electric guitar. This being the fret-board to pick-up interaction and the dynamics as that signal is amplified.  The CYN-1 has the ability to span very familiar vintage feels and sounds, but also be able to react and feel like a more refined modern amp.  The CYN-1 is a great clean platform that will handle a wide variety of pedals and setups.

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