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Helping Veterans with PTSD

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Jimmy Warren, the host of Guitar Talk is an ambassador for the Guitars 4 Vets Organization.  Coming from a long line of m military family members, Warren as a former member of the Navy has always help veteran causes.

In 2022 Jimmy Warren had schedule to do a series of live concerts called "Jimmy Warren & Friends," where the shows would benefit the Guitars 4 Vets non-profit.  

While interviewing Mark Tremonti for an upcoming episode, Warren discovered that Marks new albums was going to benefit the National Down Syndrome Society through Marks new foundation called, "Take A Chance For Charity."


After talking for a while Jimmy  brought up his shows to Mark then the idea was born to do and album with past guest to benefit veterans with PTSD through Tremonti's "Take A Chance For Charity" organization.

Warren began to reach out to past guests and before he knew it, he had the line up filled.   Tom Bailey of Tom Bailey Music agreed to partner with the project and offered to provide 12 professional tracks for the instrumental album.  

The album will be recorded, mixed, master, then released in November of 2022.  

Please find it in your heart to donate to cover the initial costs of the project.  The artists and Tom Bailey music have all volunteered their performances at no charge, so any funds are for mixing, mastering, development, advertising and distribution. 

  We appreciate your support and help in helping us give back to those who have sacrificed so much for our country.

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