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Pablo van de poel


Pablo Van De Poel is a guitarist cut straight form the 70's.  Influenced by all the major rock bands of the era such as Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Cream, Pablo expresses those influences through his playing and song writing.   One thing for sure, this is a guitarist and band to keep an eye on.  Not only is Pablo a great guitarist but he is an amazing songwriter and off the charts entertainer.   Pablo love old school guitar in the sense that his go to is a Gibson Les Paul into a Marshall Amp.  He has made it clear that his is Gibson tried and true.    He's a no frills guitarist in the sense that he rarely uses pedals and never uses digital effects.  It's a Gibson, maybe through a Wah into a Marshall.  Although his main guitar is a Les Paul Pablo is known to be performing with an array of beautiful Gibson Firebirds or 335's as well.