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we fly free - when rivers meet

The UK has managed to produce yet another great blues rock band.  When Rivers Meet is a husband and wife duo with a cool vocal approach to music.  Their influences are clearly rooted in the early blues based rock bands such as Led Zeppelin, Free, Bad Company and others.  However, you know you've just been hit with an overwhelming dose of blues as you listen to their newest release "We Fly Free."  I was immediately a fan of the bands music but also in the production of the release.  They returned to some old school sounds that took me back and that I enjoy.  Some of these songs sound like they could have came straight from the early 1970's.  Regardless, this is a band and a project you should really check out!       Jimmy Warren

4801 South Indiana Avenue - Joanna Connor

Joanna Connor has done it again.  She has brought to life a truly authentic Chicago blues album.  For those not from Chicago, 4801 South Indiana Ave was the home to one of Chicago's historic southside blues clubs, Theresa's Lounge.   It is only fitting that Joanna breathes life into the iconic venue through her down home approach.  Although tracks like "Come Back Home" are as real blues as it gets, Joanna takes it a step further with her powerful slide guitar raising the hair on the back of your neck and causing you to dance.  I would recommend you rush out and get this album for your collection.      Jimmy Warren

Abandon All Hope - Gretchen Menn

Gretchen Menn has reveled herself to be an amazing guitarist and creative composer.  "Abandon All Hope"  is a musical journey through  Dante's Inferno.  Gretchen's approach to each aspect of the project is meticulous.  It is obvious she didn't rush or cut corners on any aspect of the project.  This theatrical approach is Gretchen's own interpretation of Dante's Inferno.  Her guitar tone, melodic approach and controlled phrasing, intertwined with the subtleties of  violin and cello are remarkable.  As a well seasoned guitar virtuoso, this project is only phase one of this musical journey.  If you step back and really pay attention to Gretchen as a guitarist you can't help but become a fan.    Jimmy Warren

Maverick - king king

Let's face it, Alan Nimmo is pure and simple one of the best blues rock guitarist in all of Europe.  Just about everything Allan Nimmo does is pure and addicting.  King King's newest release Maverick reveals yet another step forward to a great band.  Although King King is a rock/blues group you can here influences of modern country scattered about.  The songs writing is superb, the musicianship is over the top, vocal are astounding and Alan's guitar playing is the glue that seems it all together.   In this guys opinion, there is not a bad song on the release.  It's pure rock n blue gold and if you don't own it, shame on you.   Jimmy Warren

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